Champion by Marie Lu

Champion is the third and final book in the Legend Trilogy.



Book two, Prodigy, leaves us with several months later with June as the Princeps-Elect and Day has reunited with his brother Eden.  June has left to live in the capitol and Day lives in LA.

Day has convinced the people of the Republic to trust the new Elector, Anden, and all traitors including Jameson and Thomas have been executed or captured.

Now Time for Champion!

Eden continues treatment to regain his eye sight while Day tries to get over June.  Day is doing okay until June sends a personal invitation to a banquet at the capitol.  Their reunion stirs up feelings for them both, but they do not act on them.

The Colonies have waged war and Anden needs help from his allies and Day.

The Good News

Everything is wrapped up nicely, maybe a little too neat but nonetheless; it’s wrapped in a neat yellow bow.

Day is HOT and a GREAT guy, as if.  It’s nice to live out fantasies in books.  Clearly Miss Lu loves her rom-coms (romantic comedy for the lay person) because there are scenes that could come from any Hugh Grant film.  Champion is a beautiful and heart-wrenching love story without the love parts smacking you in the face.  Make sure you are near a box of tissues. I, myself LOOOOVE rom-coms and if you do too; you’ll love Champion.

When reading Champion, please keep in mind that this series is 60% romance and 40% everything else.

The Bad News

Antarctica is a new nation introduced in Champion.  Antarcticans live on a point system that is visible to everyone.  Although this is interesting world-building, it is pointless to the plot.  If there was a fourth book where Antarctica is a major focus, it would be okay.

Eden is eleven but he seems like he is five.  This kid has been through hell and you would think that would mature him a bit.  I had to keep reminding myself that he was eleven.

Thomas is getting prepped for martyrdom but I swear he tried to sexually assault June in book one.  I cannot feel bad for this guy.


I was very pleased with the series and the book.  I think the final chapters strategically, and wonderfully written by Lu.  I can’t wait for the movie.

Also, I met Marie at ALA and she was awesome!

Book Clubs for Tweens/Teens-

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

I do this b/c I am a librarian that runs a book discussion group for 5th-7th grade. Parents of younger teens are expecting librarians to pick clean books and it is helpful to know if the book is okay for middle school.  Otherwise, I am all for Intellectual Freedom.

Legend: Most of the profanity is made up.  Day uses the word goddy which is a swear word in The Republic.  There is some kissing but it’s PG.  Thomas does get a little sexually forceful on June but it’s not too bad.  There is some violence but not nearly as bad as Hunger Games. Legend is okay for 6th grade.

Prodigy: Same as above with profanity.  The kissing begins to get more descriptive in Prodigy. June talks about how her body reacts to his touch.  Same as above for violence.

Champion: There is some modern-day profanity but no F words.  There is sex.  Although it’s described in a brief sentence, it’s there.  Same as above for violence.


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