Cress by Marissa Meyer

 Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles Quartet



Release date: February 2014

Cress is the 3rd book in The Lunar Chronicles

 The Lunar Chronicles is a science-fiction/dystopian re-telling of Cinderella (Book 1-Cinder); Red Riding Hood  (Book 2- Scarlet); and Rapunzel (Book 3-Cress).

Cinder, a cyborg, must save the world from the Levana, Queen of the Lunars or moon people. Along the way, she meets Scarlet and in the third installment, Cress.

The Good News

 I liked that it is loosely based on the Grimm version of Rapunzel.  I didn’t know the story of Rapunzel, so I had to read it.  Afterwards, many things began to make sense, like her name and Thorne’s affliction.

All of the female leads in the series are strong and unconsumed by beauty and falling madly in love.  Cress on the other hand is a dreamer and a damsel.  Ordinarily, I would be annoyed by this but Cress is a self proclaimed damsel which made her endearing.  She has been locked in a satellite most of her life without human companionship, so of course she would be a dreamer.  I found her amusing.

I felt like book 2 left too many unanswered questions but I think book 3 explained a lot.

I like how Meyer makes the evil character truly evil.  There is no sugar coating anything, Levana, Sybil, and Adril are horrible people with no redeeming qualities.  Just the way I like my villains.

Winter, the next and final character, makes an appearance.  She a little nutty, I like that.

I thought Cress was better than Scarlet, and I’m excited to see what happens in Winter.  I hope the final sentence in the quartet is, “and they lived happily ever after.” That would be AWESOME!!

The Bad News

 I wasn’t buying the romance with Thorne and Cress.  I thought Thorne had better chemistry with Cinder.  I know the desert part was to make the reader fall in love with them as a couple, but I thought those chapters dragged.  The one scene where Cinder sees her metal foot on Kai’s table was more romantic that all the scenes with Cress and Thorne.

Thorne’s affliction.  I don’t want to give it away, but if you know the Grimm’s version of Rapunzel; you’ll figure it out.  I thought he was too nonchalant about it.  If that happened to me, I would be freaking out.  Considering Thorne is self absorbed, I didn’t buy the fact that he took it so well.  His affliction isn’t resolved by the end of the book, but I hope Cress heals him the way she did in the Grimm tale.  I’m assuming as such considering she was such a big cry baby.

This book was WAY too long, about 100 pages too long.


I really liked the book and I can’t wait for Winter

Book Clubs for Tweens/Teens-

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

I do this b/c I am a librarian that runs a book discussion group for 5th-7th grade. Parents of younger teens are expecting librarians to pick clean books and it is helpful to know if the book is okay for middle school.  Otherwise, I am all for Intellectual Freedom.

There is a subtle reference of buying life-like androids as escorts, but I think that will go over the heads of most tweens.  There is some kissing, but not body rubbing or throbbing parts.

So far, the first two books have been tame.

I would recommend this series for 5th grade and up.


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