Pawn by Amiee Carter


Pawn is book 1 in the Blackcoat Rebellion Series

By: Aimee Carter




The ruthless Hart family governs America.  To be fair, when teens turn 17 they must take a test to determine their rank.  I = you go to Elsewhere; II & III= Manual labor; IV & V= You have a chance at a decent life; VI & VII=The highest ranks that are reserved for decision makers and Harts.

Kitty Doe scored a III and she’s sad and will be shipped to Denver for manual labor.  She doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend, Benji, until he takes his test.  He will probably score high.  Kitty decides to hide as a stripper/prostitute with her friend until her boyfriend takes his test.  Kitty is bought by the President so that she can become someone else, a Pawn.

(can you tell by my description that I didn’t like this book??)

Dang, That Was Good

  • Another dystopian novel with a lot of politics.  The political part made it a little different from other dystopian.
  • The only good thing was that the book opened with kitty after she took the test. I’m glad I didn’t have to read about it.
  • That’s all I got

That’s too Bad, Dang

  • It doesn’t make sense that kitty can’t read but she’s smart enough to decifer political intrigue. Hopefully the next book will explain why she couldn’t read-brain implant? Medical problem?
  • There was no chemistry between benji and kitty.
  • I didn’t care about any of the characters. The only character I felt anything for was Tabs.
  • The Hart family, especially augustana, were written to be villains but kitty talked to them however she wanted. If they were true villains, kitty would have gotten a backhand to the mouth.
  • The dialogue was too elementary for YA but the subject matter was too mature for MG.
  • It moved quickly but too quickly to be believable. They made such a big deal about impressing the grandmother which she did with two sentences during dinner. The assassination plot came midway thru the book.
  • You couldn’t trust anyone and that’s not a good thing in books. There has to be characters that one can like and trust.
  • Too many twists that were predicable. Could see a MG reader fooled by this but not a YA.
  • Kitty’s pity party got annoying.


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