Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

rebelRebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Book 2 in the Falling Kingdoms Series


I received this book from the Literary Lushes ARC Tour


Rebel Springs picks up after King Gaius’ overthrow of Auranos to unite all the kingdoms to create Mytica.  He builds a road into the Forbidden Mountains which enrages the rebels b/c he is using slave labor.

All of the main cast is back and they’re all pissed at the king.

The Good

  • It had a very good pace.  There was never a lull in the action.
  • It was well-written.  There were some humorous characters, lots of suspense and twists that I didn’t see coming.
  • My main issue with book 1 was that it wasn’t dark enough and King Gaius wasn’t evil enough.  (I had just read Dark Triumph which is pretty dark).  In this book, Gaius is a bastard.  He kills at will and he treats Magnus like garbage  There was one murder that I thought was too much but other than that, Gaius is awful 🙂
  • There have been comparisons to the Game of Thrones and I think this is valid.  It has paranormal elements, villains, beautiful princesses, love, political back-stabbing, etc.
  • I think other people had a problem with Jonas and his journey for vengeance.  In Rebel Springs, he still wants to avenge his brother’s death but now it’s also about his people and overthrowing or killing Gaius.

The Bad

  • The immortals storyline is a bit confusing.  Every time there is a chapter featuring one of them, there is more added to their backstory.  I’d think I had it figured out, and then there’s another angel and another explanation.
  • Every one is in love with each other.  The saving grace in this is that it is not a focal point.  There are no throbbing body parts or grand confessions of love, but if you draw lines between the characters and their love for each other; it would be a mess.


I really enjoyed Rebel Spring.  There was a lot of action and back-stabbing and twist and turns that kept the story moving along.  You root for the characters Rhodes wants you to root for and hate the ones that are meant to be hated.  It is darker, which I like.

I gave it a 4.25 and not a 4.5 b/c there were too many characters to feel a connection to.  Usually there are two or three characters and if one of them dies, you are devastated.  Because there are so many characters and they don’t get a lot of book time, I’m not as attached as I should be.  There have been books where a character dies and I’m crying like a big baby.  But when characters die in this book, I’m sad to see them go but I’m not upset about it.

It is a GREAT book for boys and girls and I will recommend and book talk this series to my teens and schools!!!

Book Clubs for Tweens/Teens-

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

I do this b/c I am a librarian that runs a book discussion group for 5th-7th grade. Parents of younger teens are expecting librarians to pick clean books and it is helpful to know if the book is okay for middle school.  Otherwise, I am all for Intellectual Freedom.

  • It mentions virginity and lack there of
  • There is one or two shits
  • There is almost a sexual assault
  • Lots of blood and murder
  • Okay for 14 +

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