Uninvited by Sofie Jordan

  • uninvitedUninvited (Book 1) by Sofie Jordan

Release Date: January 28, 2014

Science Fiction/Dystopian

My Rating: 2/5

Plot Summary

Davy is your typical wealthy musical prodigy with the hottest guy at school.  All is well until she finds out that she tested positive for the HTS (Homicidal Tendency Syndrome) which means she is predestined to be a killer-bum, bum, bum…

Dang, That’s Good

  • The cover is nice
  • This is a good book discussion for teens about nature vs. nurture.

That’s Too Bad, Dang (Contains Spoilers)

  • None of the characters are likable including the main character, Davy.  She’s weak. She always needs someone to save her.  In the day and age of Katniss, no girl in YA novels should ever be this helpless.  She’s too preoccupied with boys than her own well-being-COME ON!  Their life is in shambles but all they think about is some stupid dude.  Davy has the opportunity to go to an “awesome” training facility for HTS kids but no, she won’t go unless Sean goes too.
  • The story was kind of predictable. Whether it’s a movie or a book or a TV series, the story line should never be predictable!
  • Nothing happened.  I kept waiting for something to happen when she walked down the hallway in her new school-nothing.
  • Her best friend was a total asshole for no reason.  Tori turned on her with no explained motive.  I guess it was up to the reader to decide?  Was this supposed to be for the sake of a discussion? If it’s the latter, then it was excruciatingly obvious. If I knew someone was predestined to kill, I would kiss their ass.  I wouldn’t even look at them crazy but Tori argues with her and turns her in.
  • Davy’s relationship with her parents are nonexistent-missed opportunity.


It’s a good discussion book for teens but that’s all.  The writing nor the characters are noteworthy, the plot is predictable, and it’s a bit uneventful.

Book Clubs for Tweens/Teens-

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

I do this b/c I am a librarian that runs a book discussion group for 5th-7th grade. Parents of younger teens are expecting librarians to pick clean books and it is helpful to know if the book is okay for middle school.  Otherwise, I am all for Intellectual Freedom.

  • There’s some language
  • Sexual assault is mentioned several times but it never happens.
  • There’s kissing and body throbbing
  • Appropriate for 14 and older.

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