Scarlet Read-a-Long

So I accidentally picked up Cinder instead of Scarlet but that’s okay; I liked Cinder better and I have a tendency to miss important details.  Perhaps I will catch something I missed the first time around.

The first chapter of Cinder is better than several books I’ve recently read.  Here’s why:

1.  The three characters introduced in chapter 1, Cinder, Kai, and Iko, are great characters.

2.  You assume that Cinder and Kai will eventually (hopefully) get together but you can tell that there will be  no instalove.  YES!!!!!!!! Cinder doesn’t gush over him while people are screaming and hiding from the infected kid.  (That would totally happen in other books I’ve read last month).

3.  It’s clearly a re-telling as so many other books but Meyer made Cinder a cyborg-AWESOME!  She has a metal foot that is detachable and although we can guess that she looses her foot instead of her shoe at the ball; it’s still fun to see the similarities.

I read this book 2 years ago and I was fortunate enough to read Cress in July.  ( I pushed my way to the front of the crowd waiting to get into the exhibit hall at ALA so that I could run to the Cress-giveaway line).  I’m very excited about Winter and hopefully there will be another giveaway at ALA 2014 in Vegas cause’ I’m gonna be there, baby.

Marissa Skypes with my teen book club-The Hardcover Society

Marissa Skypes with my teen book club-The Hardcover Society

I loved this book so much that my colleague and I book talked Cinder to over 400 students in our district in time for Marissa’s Skype visit.  The Lunar Chronicles is my go to reader’s advisory series and I’ve placed Cinder on many displays.  So I like to think our efforts was the reason why Cinder was the #4 most checked out book of 2013 at my library (The Hunger Games books took the top 3 spots).


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