Pivot Point by Kasie West

pivotPivot Point by Kasie West

Book 1 in a series

Science Fiction/Romance

Bang Rating: 4.25/5


Addy is Divergent (not to be confused with the series by Roth) which means that she can see into HER future when presented with a choice.  When Addy’s parents plan to divorce, she looks into her future to see who she should live with but she sees love and murder in her future.  What will she do?

Dang, that was Good (contains spoilers)

  • I’ve read several books about teens with powers but this was written differently.  It jumps back and forth between her choices.  This may be confusing for readers who don’t like a novel that jumps between scenes or characters.  I found it interesting how West weaves the parallel stories.
  • The characters were well written and not teen stereotypes.  The dialogue is witty while not suffering from the Dawson’s Creek Syndrome (teens who talk like adults).
  1. Addy-(the beautiful book nerd who doesn’t know she’s beautiful) She’s a smart girl who doesn’t fall for the most popular boy falling for her jag,  She keeps him at arms length and she questions every one of his moves.  There is no instalove like some YA novels.  Suddenly the quarterback likes the book nerd and she loses herself in him until her dumps her (the readers see it coming but the girl doesn’t) and she’s devastated.  Addy is the antithesis of that girl.
  2. Lucas (quarterback, most popular boy)-He’s very charming and not the asshole that jocks are usually written as.
  3. Laila (the best friend)- she’s the pretty best friend but she’s tough.  Laila and Addy’s friendship remind me of Olive and Rhiannon from the movie Easy A.
  4. Trevor (a second quarterback, popular boy who dates a cheerleader)- Once again, he isn’t the mindless, sex obsessed jock we all know a love.  He has other interests besides football, he’s a good brother, and a good friend but it’s not unbelievable.
  • This is a series but there is an ending.  Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be a series? I hope the other books have an ending and not a cliffhanger.
  • It wasn’t predicable.

That’s too Bad, Dang

  • The cover is terrible.  This a good book but it is never checked out at my library and I know it is b/c of the cover-too bad.
  • The characters and their families live on a special compound for people with super mind powers.  West has created an interesting high-fantasy world of teens who live in a city within Dallas and who attend a high school that teaches them how to use their mind powers.  I’m assuming the next book will explore this world.  The only problem was that is was confusing understanding everyone’s power and the rules that accompanied it.
  • I didn’t like Addy’s second choice.  Her first choice was great but the second paled in comparison.


Pivot Point was a well written, original science-fiction story.  It has life lessons that teens can relate to which makes for a great discussion book.

Book Clubs for Tweens/Teens-

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see spoilers!!!

I do this b/c I am a librarian that runs a book discussion group for 5th-7th grade. Parents of younger teens are expecting librarians to pick clean books and it is helpful to know if the book is okay for middle school.  Otherwise, I am all for Intellectual Freedom.

  • There’s kissing
  • Appropriate for 12 and up



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