MAE Best Literature Program For Teens

My library and I received the 2013 MAE Best Literature Program for Teens Award! 

We submitted our Book Concert Series as our best literature program.

We have a concert/party that features a booktalk of approximately 10-20 titles from a chosen genre.  We have music, food, a photo booth, and a craft or activity.  It is called a series because it is an ongoing event in which we pick a different genre every two months.

The purpose of the book concert series is to show teens that there are a vast amount of books in each genre.  Instead of stopping after their favorite series concludes, the concert series introduces them to read-a-likes and encourages them to keep reading.  We also use the concert to give teens the opportunity to meet authors via Skype.

Teens earn raffle tickets by bringing friends, tweeting/Facebooking their photo booth picture, and answering trivia questions. They use their raffle tickets to win prizes that include titles we booktalked, signed books, bags, bookmarks, and posters. Everyone leaves with free books.

The concert always features a Skype visit from an author or viewing a live author event.

Fantasy Concert-8 Teens

skpye 1The first concert focused on fantasy books. The featured book was The False Prince by Jennifer Neilsen.  Three weeks prior to the concert, we gave out 10 copies of the book and we invited Jennifer to Skype us during the party.

We chose Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardudo as the main theme of aurora's eggthe concert. The teens snacked on Russian treats and the made Faberge Eggs while listening to Russian dance music via Spotify.

Book Talking

We book talked about 15 fantasy books that are good reads and overlooked.  We use Prezi to do all our book talks.  To see the fantasy book talks, click the subjects below

. Historical Fantasy Book Talk, Paranormal Fantasy.


A couple of weeks prior to the event, I created a display of the books I was going to book talk.  During the talk, I gave teens a sheet of paper of all the books.  They circled the books they liked the best and were encouraged to visit the display to check out the books.

fantasy concert display

I acquired lots of books (signed and unsigned), bags, posters, and bookmarks from ALA.  Teens had to earn raffle tickets to win prizes.  They could earn tickets by bringing the snail mailed invite, bringing friends, tweeting/Facebooking/Instagramming photos of themselves at the party using #zbteens.  During the party, teens put their raffle tickets in the bag in front of the prize(s) they wanted.  We raffled about 20 prize packs at the end of the concert.

prizes better

Everyone receives at least one prize.

Dystopian/Science-Fiction Concert-15 Teens

The second concert featured dystopian/science-fiction books.  We used the release of Allegiant by Veronica Roth to draw in teens. We gave out 5 copies of Allegiant to the first 5 teens in line.  We also gave Allegiant themed prizes we acquired from the publisher. The concert included the playlist from The Selection by Kiera Cass. We also played the live event featuring Roth.  We used this party to introduce teens to Steampunk books and crafts.

Dystopian Book Talk

Science-Fiction Book Talk

We followed the same format as above.

Historical Fiction/Mystery Concert-36 Teens

This was less of a concert than the first two.  We didn’t have time for music.

This Concert included a Skype visit from Ruta Sepetys, author of Out of the Easy & Between Shades of Gray.  The Skype was followed by a murder mystery in the library. (It was after hours so teens had the library to run around and yell).

Instead of raffling off several books, we only raffled one basket of books we book talked and each teen could pick a book to keep.  We didn’t have a bunch of prizes to raffle for this event. We also had a photo booth

I book talked about 7 books.  Click the title below to view it.

Historical Fiction/Mystery Book Talk


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