The Glass Casket by McCormick Templeman


The Glass Casket by McCormick Templeman

Stand Alone-YAY

Bang Bang Rating: 4.0/5

Publication Date: February 11, 2014


The Glass Casket is a horror retelling of several fairy tales.   Rowan is the daughter of the town scholar when one day a mysterious family including a beautiful girl moves into town.  People start dying horrible deaths and the small mountain town panics.

Dang, That was Good

  • The cover is beautiful.  Not quite sure which girl is on the cover but it is eye-catching.
  • It is a loose retelling.  It is dark, almost Grimmesk.  It’s bloody and makes no apologies-YES.
  • It’s very unpredictable.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you’re wrong! It is a mystery and the reader has to figure out the identity of the killer but Templeman does give small clues along the way.
  • I’ve seen several readers who didn’t like Rowan.  I liked her.  I thought she was strong. She had ambition and she wasn’t too clever.  By that I mean people explained things to her; she didn’t magically figure it out on her own like Harry Potter.  Now I LOVE Harry Potter but I thought at times it was convenient that he happened to figure things out on his own-being raised by Muggles and all.  People complained that Rowan through tantrums when she was upset but she is 16 and her tantrums were valid.  I think if you were 16 and were forced to marry someone instead of leave your boring little town to study, you would throw a tantrum too.
  • It is written well.  Templeman paints a beautiful world surrounded by a mysterious forest.
  • I read some complaints about the 3rd person aspect and the back and forth between character points of view.  I didn’t find it confusing.  I thought it was pretty clear who was talking.

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • I was ready to give it a 4.5 but there was a love interest that I wasn’t feeling.  I know these teens were young, 15 and 16, and this takes place in the Victorian Era (???) which means they don’t have good entertainment like TV, but the love between this particular couple-wasn’t feelin’ it.
  • The ending wasn’t hard to follow but the logic of the killer wasn’t strong.  I felt like the motive could’ve have been better.
  • Nit Pick-There were like 10 characters in the first chapter.


It was a good retelling, a good mystery, and a good horror book.  The main character was likable, unexpected things happened, and it was well written.

I’m pretty bummed that I haven’t heard about this book until now.  I’m shocked that Harper hasn’t given it as much PR that it should be getting.

I will definitely buy this book for my library and I will recommend it to my teen patrons.  I hope Templeman writes more horror fiction.


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