The Ring and the Crown by Melissa De La Cruz

ring and crown

The Ring and the Crown

By: Melissa De La Cruz

Stand Alone?

Publish Date: April 1

    Bang Bang Rating: 2.5/5


Marie is to inherit the English throne but she must marry the Crown Prince of Prussia to bring peace to both lands.  She’s in love with someone else and doesn’t want to marry the Prince of Prussia so her long lost friend, Aelwyn who is a  sorcerer, agrees to change her face to look like Marie to become future queen.

Dang, That was Good

  • The cover is beautiful
  • It wasn’t predictable
  • It started off good.  There was a sickly princess, soul-sucking sorcerer, a 150 year old queen that glamoured people into thinking she was young, a dream that reveals a deathly future, Pandora’s box, a Prince Harry-like Prince of Prussia, beautiful dresses and snobby nobles.  And then…

Dang, That’s too Bad

  • As I said earlier, it started off good.  The small country of Prussia defeated the English army with Pandora’s Box.  The mystery is what was in that box that scared the beJesus out of everyone.  And De La Cruz mentioned it like 8 times through out like we are dumbasses.  I don’t even remember what was in the box, that’s how anticlimactic it was.
  • With in the first 5 chapters, 15 characters were introduced.  When one of the bad guys was revealed at the end, I couldn’t even remember who he was because of all the characters.
  • It. Was. Very. Sloooooow.  Then all of a sudden with about 25% left, the shit hits the fan but it came out of nowhere.  I guess there were hints to everything but it was like I was reading 2 different novels.  It went from no action to all action.  The action was good but it was such a disconnect.  I felt like De La Cruz gave up and decided to throw anything in the book to make it exciting.
  • All the females in this book were either used a sex objects, they were being pimped by their mothers and only after wealthy men, they lusted after womanizers, or were abused.  Princess Marie was the only decent female but she was sickly and weak.


The Ring and The Crown had huge potential but the lopsided writing and the horrible characterization of women made it a 2.5.

I will purchase this book because this is a popular author in my library but I won’t recommend it. I’ll let teens discover it on their own.


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