Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne


Midnight Thief – Book 1

by Livia Blackburne

Release Date: July 8, 2014

Genre:  Historical Fantasy, Adventure, Fantasy

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5


Kyra is an orphan and a fast climber.  She survives by her whits.  Once day, she is summed by the Assassin’s Guild to become an assassin but she realizes that this might be a mistake.

Dang, That was Good

  • The cover.  The cover of the ARC claimed that it wasn’t the final cover.
  • The Characters.  They weren’t special or new but they were likable.
  • The story moves quickly.

That’s too Bad, Dang

  • I’ve read several stories similar to this: Throne of Glass, Grave Mercy/Dark Triumph, The Winner’s Curse.  They all feature assassin girls or strong girls.  The aforementioned titles had something special.  In Throne of Glass, Caleana was a true badass (and it was well-written), This Fair Assassin Series featured nun assassins (and it was well-written), The Winner’s Curse had a heroine who beat her contenders with her intelligence (and it was well-written).
  • The Midnight Thief had demon cats, but I didn’t find them special.  There was nothing special about this book.  Not the world-building, or the dialogs, or the characters.
  • Kyra discovers something about her background that is pretty big and she just accepts it-yeah right.


The story isn’t bad but it isn’t great.  There’s nothing special about Kyra or her plight for independence.


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