The One by Kiera Cass

the oneThe One by Kiera Cass

The 3rd and final book in The Selection Series

Genre: Dystopian/Romance

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5


America has made it to the final 4.  Will she be the One? Will the rebels overthrow the crown? Will America pick Maxon or Aspen?

Dang, That was Good!

  • The cover is the best cover I have ever seen in my entire life


I loved the first two books and I totally got that they were brain candy.  They were meant to be romantic and shallow and I was okay with that.  However, I felt that the ending of The Elite (Book 2) was going to make the turn to a deeper more political plot-this was not the case.

  1.  I felt like Cass missed the opportunity to delve into a deeper discussion on oppression and power.  The elimination of the caste system is the entire reason for the rebel attacks.  They talk about why they want to get rid of the caste system but it’s a B story.  You find out America’s father was a rebel but that was insignificant to the storyline.  The rebel attacks seemed to be forced and to only serve the purpose to break up the horrible love triangle storyline.  When the Southerners finally broke in, it was underdeveloped and anti-climactic.
  2. It lacked villains. At the end of The Elite, the King made a larger presence and it seemed like he was going to be a tyrant.  He did have Maxon under his thumb and he threatened America quite a bit but ultimately, he was uneven.  For Example-The king wants Maxon to start a new selection b/c he doesn’t like the final 4.  Maxon just says no and the king is like, okay.  He lets America talk to him anyway she feels like it.  America disobeys him several times in front of live TV and the king just makes empty threats.  You want to read a tyrannous king/lord?  Read The Falling Kingdom Series by Morgan Rhodes or the His Fair Assassin Series by LaFevers.  Those leaders will chop your head off if you look at them crazy.  Kota, America’s brother, could have been a back stabber but she just puts him in his place-missed opportunity.  Celeste goes from mega mean girl to everyone’s best friend-WTH?  Kriss ends up being a rebel, but that was once again insignificant.
  3. America is the worst character in the history of YA.  I met Cass at a signing and she admits that American is a “hot mess” but she gets worse and it’s revolting.  She’s a self proclaimed dumbass, yet she is able to single-handedly come up with effective war strategies, yeah okay.  She talks back to the king on national TV.  In reality, who backtalks a nation’s leader with no consequences? No one.  Even Katniss didn’t backtalk Snow.  She stands for herself against the king but she lets Maxon shit all over her.
  4. Lazy writing. Cass puts Maxon and America in situations just for an excuse to add an inept action sequence.  When the king finally gets assassinated, we don’t get to enjoy it.  America loves Maxon and not Aspen and she feel guilty but instead of Aspen telling her that he is in love with someone else at the beginning, he waits until the very end.  He could have told her a long time ago and she wouldn’t have gotten caught with him.


I really enjoyed the first two and I was super excited about The One but it ended up being lack luster.  Cass could have done so many things with this story but it fell way short-bummer.



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