Heir of Fire

heir of fire

Heir of Fire

by Sarah J. Mass

Book 3 in the Throne of Glass Series

Publication Date: September 2, 2014

Bang Bang Rating: 4.5/5



Celaena has left the glass castle at the request of Chaol and for a mission by the King.  She intends on searching for her aunt to find answers surrounding her parents’ death and her true identity.


At the request of the publisher, I can’t say too much about the book until August.  I will say that tons of new characters are introduced so be ready to take notes.  There is also a lot of back story, so once again be ready to take notes.

In the previous 2 books, Celaena is a badass and she beats everyone.  In Heir of Fire, she’s vulnerable and beaten down and learns a lot about herself.  There is one particular revelation Celeana has that teens and adult can learn from.

Heir of Fire is a marathon not a race.  There is a lot of story and not so much action.  Read it slowly and pay attention because it all comes back.

Note to publisher, a glossary would be helpful.


I was lucky to get a copy at BEA but if you didn’t get to BEA, you can request it from Netgalley.


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