Young Elites by Marie Lu

young elites

Youth Elites (Young Elites #1)

by: Marie Lu

Expected Publication Date: Oct. 7, 2014

Genre: Fantasy/Magic

Bang Bang Rating: 3.5/5

This review is riddled with spoilers.  Read at your own risk!


After the blood fever swept through the country, it left some children with deformities.  These children are called malfettos. Kids with special powers are called Young Elites.  Citizens are afraid of these malfettos and the special children, including the King, and he wants all of them dead.  The Young Elites have made it their mission to find other Elites and fight for the justice of the malfettos.

That Was Good, Dang

  • Good World Building-It read like it was set in a fictional Italian country
  • Characters-there were some interesting/good characters.  I really liked Raffaele.  He reminded me of the unik from Game of Thrones. Not in appearance but in personality.
  • Pacing-Things happened throughout the story.  There were a couple of chapters of Adeline walking through the palace, but for the most part; it was action-packed.

Dang, That’s too Bad (SPOILERS)

  • So Teren, the leader of the Inquisitors which is the King’s army, hates all malfettos and Elites and it’s his life’s mission to kill them all.  But get this, Teren is not only a malfetto but he’s an Elite and everyone knows it.  He has no valid motive.  Voldemort hated muggles even though he was half muggle but he had a reason.  Teren is full blown malfetto and the people just go along with his witch hunts but never question his malfettoness.
  • Adeline is a terrible heroine – she’s strong, then she’s on her knees begging for mercy, then she grows a pair and stands up to Teren, then she’s begging again.  Come on!
  1. Adeline is rescued by the Elites before Teren can execute her.  She’s at the Elite’s hideout and they are taking good care of her when one day, Teren blackmails her to give him info or he’ll kill her sister Violetta.  Of course she gives him little bits of info about the malfettos and she’s torn.  She wants to save her sister but she’s betraying the Elites.  She goes on and on about if she should confess, should she not confess.  She got on my last nerve.  I understand her inner struggle but it’s like that friend we all have that goes on and on about a decision.  At some point you tell them to make a decision so you can stop hearing about it.  That’s how I felt with Adeline-make a decision already and shut up!
  2. Adeline has it bad for Enzo, the leader of the Elites, and they kiss one night.  After the kiss, she overhears that Enzo had a fiancé who died and looks similar to Adeline.  She also overhears that he thought about killing her when she first arrived because of her potential powers (This is after she was told that if she abused her powers, they might kill her).  She’s pissed so she goes to Teren to give him info.  So prior to this, she was on her knees begging Teren for mercy but after hearing this from Enzo; she grows a pair and goes to Teren demanding to see her sister and thus defeating him.  Really?!  They only shared one stupid kiss and she feels betrayed.   I could see if they banged and she felt betrayed but a kiss-COME ON!
  • Villains-This book is for 14 years and older because of the sexuality but I felt like Lu didn’t push it far enough.  I also felt she could have made Adeline’s father and Teren a bit more evil.
  1. For example, Teren and the queen are having an affair and they kill the king and that’s it.  Now maybe I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones but that scene had no build up or shock or disgust.  Teren and the Queen could have made out next to his corpse or the king could’ve woken up and fought back, something, anything.
  2. Adeline’s father favored her sister, Violetta, because she wasn’t malfetto and she was beautiful and marriage material.  He treated Adeline like crap and played mind games with her.  Her relationship with her father is the source of her extreme power.  Her power comes from hatred but I felt her father wasn’t terrible enough for all that.  Years of therapy and a strong mistrust of men maybe, but becoming the most powerful malfetto alive; I don’t think so.
  3. The queen, which is Enzo’s sister, is barely in the book.  Maybe she will show up in later books, but it was a missed opportunity to show how evil she is.  She is a murderer and a manipulator but she isn’t developed.
  • I applaud Lu for going there with Enzo, but I didn’t care.  And I figured out how it’s going to play out in book 2.
  • Adeline is missing an eye because of the disease but no one acknowledges this.  There could have be small gasps at first sight, something.  I guess it’s normal for people to have one eye and no one reacts for even asks her what happened.  Maybe they are just used to mafettos being deformed?


I am a huge fan of the Legend Series and I was so excited about the Young Elites so I was so disappointed with this book.  The story had too many holes for me to enjoy it.

Because Lu is a popular author at my library, I will buy it and I will recommend it but I won’t gush over it and I probably won’t read book two.

A better book within the same genre would be the Throne of Glass or His Fair Assassin Series.



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