Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz

dark house

Welcome to the Dark House (Book 1 in the Dark House Series)

by: Laurie Faria Stolarz

Genre:  Horror

Expected Publication Date: July 22, 2014

Bang Bang Rating: 1.0/5



For five years, Ivy has been haunted by the murder of her parents.  One day, she wins a contest to meet the famous horror film maker Justin Blake with the promise of overcoming her fears.

Dang, that was Good

  • Nothing.  I gave it one star

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • Characterization
  1. There were 6 characters and none of them were interesting or memorable.
  2. this book is supposed to be dark but it wasn’t dark at all and it was not scary.
  3. I have been a huge fan of horror films since I was a kid so I understand the horror genre. With that being said, I don’t understand how a B rated horror director changed these kids’ lives. These movies are like the Saw movies. Last time I checked the Saw movies have not changed anyone’s life.
  4. Many teens live horrible lives. Some teens experience neglect, abandonment, abuse and these teens’ nightmares were either way over-the-top or just stupid. I felt like it was a missed opportunity to explore real nightmares of teens and how they cope with it.
  5. I feel like the author tried to have teens that had real nightmares such as bullying and suicide mixed in with over-the-top nightmares such as my parents were both butchered to death. If you have a book that feature teens with real nightmares then it’s a contemporary novel. For example one teen has to cope with her friends’ suicide and another teen has that condition where she pulled her hair out. If all of the teens had similar nightmares then this book would’ve been realistic fiction with a House on Haunted Hill setting and that would have made a great book. On the other hand there’s a teen whose parents was murdered and the killer got away and she’s afraid that he’s going to come back for her – this is over-the-top. If all the other teens had similar nightmares then this book would’ve been horror/ fantasy and it also would’ve made a great novel. Because there were realistic nightmares with teens with real problems mixed with fantastic nightmares, I felt like the book didn’t know what it wanted to be.
  6. The writing was elementary but it had bad language. I don’t feel comfortable giving it to a teen because it’s not sophisticated enough, however; I don’t feel comfortable giving it to a middle grader because of the profanity.


For adult readers of YA, this book reads like a retelling of House on Haunted Hill but to teens; this is be a brand new story.  The characters weren’t good, the story wasn’t good, the ending was bad.


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