Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman


Winterkill (Book 1)

by: Kate A. Boorman

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Expected Publication Date: September 9, 2014

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5


Winter is Coming or in this book, La Prise is coming.

Emmeline lives in a fenced in settlement and she is Stained with the bad deeds of her grandmother.  No one in the settlement is to commit wayward acts, especially venturing outside the fence/gate, or it would mean a trip to the Crossroads.  Emmeline of course is curious and is determined to clear her Stain.

Dang, that was Good

  • The Writing-Boorman is a debut author and her writing is beautiful.  Her writing has a romantic feel.  It’s very soft and dreamlike.
  • Character Development-Most of the characters were round including the protagonist.  She was clearly curious and determined to make her life better.
  • Good Romance-I read a couple of reviews that said this book had instalove.  I disagree.  Emmy and Kane had a relatively long courtship considering that this book is only 317 pages.  They stole looks and brushed shoulders before any grand declarations of love.  I thought Boorman did a good job of building this romance.
  • It’s One of Those Books-that feeds the reader crumbs and makes you keep reading and reading and reading. I like these kinds of books unless… See below
  • Not What I Expected-This book read like a retelling of The Village.  I was afraid it was going to end the same way but it didn’t.  That was good.

That’s too Bad, Dang

  • The Final Act– It started off really well but it fell apart in the final act.  As I said above, it’s one of those books that feeds the reader crumbs.  The final piece of toast, however, was burnt.  The villain’s actions made no sense.  What she finds outside of the gate was anticlimactic. It was on its way to a 4 rating, but that ending-DANG!
  • Other Characters- Although a couple of the characters were well developed, there were a couple of others that fell flat.  That’s a shame because they could have added to the storyline.


This book started off so well.  It was beautifully written, I liked Emmy, and I liked the romance but it the ending was anticlimactic.  I look forward to reading other books by Boorman.


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