The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queen

The Red Queen (Book 1: Red Queen Trilogy)

By Victoria Aveyard

Expected publication date: February 10,  2015

Genre: High Fantasy

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5

This eBook (ARC) was provided by Edelweiss


Mare Barrow is a Red-a lowly, uneducated, slave with disgusting red blood.  The Silvers are like gods because they have powers and their veins run with silver blood.  Mare doesn’t want to be drafted but she has no choice until a stranger changes her life.  She soon finds herself betrothed to a Silver prince and forced to maintain the oppression of the Reds.

Dang, That was Good

  • The Cover is beautiful
  • Fast Paced.  If you like action in every chapter then this is for you.
  • Characters.  They were all pretty believable and not formulaic.
    • Cal, the soon to be King, still believes that Silvers are better than Reds and that Reds should be enslaved but he’s in love with a Red.  People really do behave this way and I thought he was a believable character.
    • The Queen.  She was an okay villain.
    • Mare’s betrothed.  He was a bit too good to be true but otherwise he’s dreamy
    • Evangeline, the future queen.  She and Mare were at odds but the author didn’t make it too caddie.
  • Love Triangle. There was one but it didn’t consume the book.

That’s too Bad, Dang  This is Riddled with Spoilers

  • The Title-It’s called The Red Queen but Mare is not a queen nor does she become queen.  It should be called the Red Princess.  Perhaps if there is a book 2 and she becomes queen however the story had an ending.
  • This book has 2 fatal flaws
    • Mare was a servant in the castle but  discovers that she has Silver powers in front of all the important Silvers.  No one can explain why she has Red blood but has Silver powers.  The King and Queen want to use her for their benefit but no one can know she has Red blood so they make up her back story. She is also forced to be engaged to the prince so that in 3 weeks she can address the country (including the Reds) and say that the Silvers are right.  HERE ARE THE FATAL FLAWS:
      • All someone has to do cut her and see her blood.  Most of the Silvers are skeptical of Mare including the future Queen Evangeline.  All she has to do is scratch her and the story is over.
      • It makes no sense to make Mare and the prince get engaged.  She is running free and there are rebels on the loose.  Why would you let a Red with powers run free?  She should have been kept in prison and then let out to give her speech. Silvers have mind power.  They can easily force her to do whatever they want.
        • OMG, at one point Cal escorts Mare to her hometown to see her family.  She asks Cal if she can go into a pub alone.  REALLY? SO SHE CAN CONSORT WITH THE REBELS? COME ON!!!!!
    • If either one of these happened, there wouldn’t be a story.  This is bad writing.
  • Predictable-I won’t say how it ends but you see if coming a mile away.
  • The Rebel storyline.  They weren’t very smart but it was a better rebel storyline than the Selection Series.
  • Dumb Dumb turned war strategist.  I have seen this several times where the heroine is poor at school but on a drop of a dime; she can strategize plots to overthrow the monarchy.  Sometimes these heroines are street smart so that’s why they are able and Mare is street smart but no amount of street smarts gives one the ability to defeat an army.


It was fast paced but formulaic.  The protagonist and all the other characters were okay.  There was nothing particularly special or new about this book.  The Epic Fantasy genre is booming and I read most of them.  There is so much you can do with this genre and authors need to come up with new ideas.

A better read is The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski.  Winner’s Curse also has slavery, war, and an epic love story.


6 thoughts on “The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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  2. Great review. I completely agree. It was definitely fast paced but I found that problematic, especially in the beginning. I didn’t get enough world-building and character exposition to connect with the story. I did like the ending though I also found it a little predictable, it was just more interesting. On the whole I too found it to be your typical YA Fantasy, good but not great.

    • My sentiments exactly. Sometimes I think I’m to tough on fantasy so I always feel better when someone has similar feelings

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