Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga

blood of my blood

Blood of my Blood (Book 3 in the I Hunt Killers Trilogy)

By: Barry Lyga

Genre: Mystery/Horror

Expected Publication Date: September 9, 2014

Bang Bang Rating: bang

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Still in New York, Jasper vows to hunt; find; and kill his notorious father-Billy Dent.


  • Wonderful Writing-The best part about the book is the writing.
    • Characters-All the characters are completely round.  What Lyga does that other authors fail to do is to give minor characters purpose.  They all have a backstory and it’s not an exhausted one with pages of nothing.  Even the truck driver who plays a small role.  Her purpose is to humanize Jazz.  None of the characters, including the infamous Billy Dent, was a caricature.  For some weird reason I’m a little interested in serial killers (Don’t judge me).  I’ve seen the movies and read books and watched tv shows based on the infamous ones.  I live in the Chicago Metropolitan area which is the hometown of Gacy and I read a book that said Dahmer visited my hometown.  I’m by no means an expert in criminology but I have some knowledge and serial killers are CRAZY.  So the Billy Dent character is completely believable.
      • We didn’t really get to fully meet Billy in the previous 2 books.  Billy is a disturbed person and I worried about Lyga writing such a character.  I hope he’s okay.  There were times where I wanted to stop reading because of the Billy character.  SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Jazz’s mother is equally disturbing (shudder).
    • The Story-All of the books in the trilogy read like a movie or TV show.  Although it is almost 500 pages, it reads quick.  Sometimes when this happens it is because the writing is elementary but this is not the case with Blood.  The action moves the story and it keeps it entertaining.
    • It is a bit predicatable but you predict what is happening in a couple of chapters prior not on chapter 2.  It was okay that I figured out who the Crow King was and it was a welcomed surprise.
    • Jazz- Jazz is a troubled boy.  His constant mantra, “People matter,” is so sad.  You want to hug him and at the same time run away from him as fast as you can.  Even though his family is full of racists and serial killers, teens can relate to him.  Many of us are scared to bits that we will end up like our parents and in Lyga’s deranged story; Jazz teaches us that this doesn’t have to be so.
      • One could argue that Jazz is a bit too clever and I would agree to an extent.  He was raised by Billy and Billy taught his son many things including how to cut and outsmart.  I had to keep telling myself this to keep from shouting, “OH COME ON, LIKE HE COULD REALLY DO THAT!”

That’s too bad, Dang- SPOILERS

  • There was so much sexual tension between Connie and Jazz in book 2 I was hoping they would get their freak on in the final book but no.
  • The epilogue.  I’m not sure he did this for revenge or loneliness. I like a happy ending but this ending was sad.


Blood of my Blood was a wonderfully written mystery.  Even though it is YA, Lyga doesn’t dumb down the language, the visuals, or the all the other disturbing bits.


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