Dr. Who Party

25 teens came to celebrate the new Doctor.


River Song’s Journal-We used felt and paper to make River’s journal

Perler Beads

TARDIS Keys-I got junk keys from ACE Hardware and put out gems and duck tape


Pond Water-Green Kool Aid, gummy worms and Swedish Fish

TARDIS Blue cupcakes

Snowmen Cookies

Beans on Toast-Pound cake, caramel balls in caramel sauce

Edible Sonic Screwdrivers-Pretzel rods, melted chocolate and colorful candy

Banana Bar-Skewered banana bits, melted chocolate and candy



Costume Contest

We made the TARDIS prior to the party.  We got a refrigerator box from a local appliance store, letters and foam from Michaels


I bought the Weeping Angel from Allposters.com


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