Top 6 Series of 2014 (So Far) (According to Me)

Drums please….

#6. The Selection Series

the one


So, I read The Selection because my co-worker said it was a cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor.  I said, “no thanks,” but she wore me down.

Aprilynne Pike, can't remember, my coworker, Amy Tintera, Kiera Cass

Aprilynne Pike, can’t remember, my coworker, Amy Tintera, Kiera Cass

I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 & 2.  My co-worker, the one who wore me down, and I went to meet Kiera Cass while wearing tiaras (She also wore a prom dress).  The Selection and The Elite weren’t big deep thinkers.  It was a fluffy fun read; however, book 3 seemed like it was going to discuss serious themes such as war and tyranny.   Boy was it not! There were characters that had no impact, the love triangle was TERRIBLE, and I couldn’t stand America by book 3.  I felt like Cass gave up and just slapped some words on a page.  The One was probably the worst book I read this year and I only gave it a 3 / 5 because I liked the first two.  Otherwise I would have given it a 2.

Read full review here: The One

Series Rating: 3 / 5

#5. The Madman’s Daughter

cold legacy

I read The Madman’s Daughter because it was the book selection for my book discussion group, FYA (Forever Young Adult).  I originally gave it a 3 / 5 because of the love triangle.  Juliet was a bit of a hoe bag.  When I found out that book 2 was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde retelling and book 3 was a Frankenstein retelling, I wanted to continue the series.

I REALLY enjoyed book 2 because it never slowed down and there were twists and turns.  Book 2 also have some sexiness and some gore but these attributes were missing in book 3.  The writing just wasn’t strong enough for me so I ended up giving A Cold Legacy a 3.5.

Read full review here: A Cold Legacy

Series Rating: 3 / 5


#4. Shadow & Bone


I read Shadow and Bone because I received the ARC and Bardugo was speaking at a neighboring library.  I liked Shadow and Bone right up until the end and I gave it a 3; however, I decided to read book 2.  I didn’t make it to see Leigh and I regretted it because I liked Siege and Storm.

I liked this series because Alina was the chosen one but she wasn’t the stereotypical gorgeous girl.  It was dark and kind of sexy and I liked their Russian capes.  I recently started reading YA so this book was different to me.

Ruin and Rising is not higher on the list because I liked the Darkling and I didn’t like how Leigh turned him into a mass murderer and all around asshole.  Secondly, I felt like the climax in book 3 was too quick and thirdly; Ruin and Rising had an extremely syrupy happy ending.

I gave Ruin and Rising a 4 /5.  I didn’t review it on my blog because it wasn’t released as an ARC.  BTW, I eventually met Leigh 2 years later.


Series Rating: 4 / 5


#3.  The Ascendence Trilogy



The False Prince was on the Teens’ Top Ten list, so I decided to give it a go.  I remember reading it on the train ride home from Chicago Comic Con.  As I was reading the big reveal, I think I gasped loudly and my co-workers were intrigued.  I finished the book on the train and my co workers kind of fought over it.

Jaron was a great character and it’s really difficult to find good male protagonists in YA lit.  This series was well written and adventurous.

Skying with Jennifer Nielsen

Skying with Jennifer Nielsen

 All the characters were likable if they were supposed to be and unlikable if they were supposed to be.  It’s not a thinker.  It’s a light hearted story that’s humorous, adventurous, and unpredictable.

The reason why it’s #3 is because by book 3, Jaron became a bit too clever.  He was able to outsmart generals and war strategists-not likely.

Read full review here: The Shadow Throne

Series Rating: 4 / 5




#2. His Fair Assassin Series

mortal heart

UM…assassin nuns?  Yes, please.

I like that LaFever isn’t afraid to write some depraved characters.  Sybella’s father is probably to worst villain I have ever read in YA fiction.  This is what makes this series great.  It is dark and wonderful.

I haven’t formally reviewed Mortal Heart but I will say that it is an epic fantasy so if you are expecting lots of action and adventure, don’t.  Annith doesn’t want to be a seer and leaves the convent to find Ismae and Sybella.  Along the way, love arises; things are revealed; and war happens.

Series Rating: 4.5 / 5


#1. Jasper Dent Series

blood of my blood

Okay, so if you look through my Goodreads history of this series, you’ll see that I gave book 1 a three and I didn’t rate book 2.  So why did I rank it as #1?   This series is DARK and Billy Dent is disturbing and there’s a Black girl and it never slows down and it’s funny and Jasper is troubled but he grows and the characters are fantastic and it’s believable and all of the above.

This series shines because of the writing.  So if you don’t mind sadism and a racist old lady, read this series now.

Series Rating: 5 / 5


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