Top 12 Book 1’s of 2014 (So Far) (According to Me)

Thanks to Harry Potter, everything is a series.  Here is my ranking with one sentence reviews.  If the title is clickable, it will lead you to a full review.

#12.  The Jewel– Simple, predictable plot with a whole lot of instalove.




#11. Queen of the Tearling-448 page backstory with uninteresting characters.


#10. Prisoner of Night and Fog-Missed opportunity.

prisoner of night


#9. Iron Trial-Fantastic prologue but too many dips in the action and an uninteresting protagonist.

iron trial


#8. Snow Like Ashes- Convoluted and formulaic.



#7. Midnight Thief-Okay storyline but nothing special.

midnigt thief


#6. Young Elites-Interesting plot and characters but too many holes.

young elites


#5. Red Queen-Fatal flaws.

red queen


#4. Half Bad-Started off well and had interesting characters but it was too preachy and the ending was anti-climactic.

half bad

#3. An Ember in the Ashes-Unpredictable, great romances and villains, full of action but the author says it’s a stand alone; however, it can’t be because there’s no ending.


#2. Winner’s Curse-Beautifully written with a lovely forbidden romance.

winner's curse


#1. Kiss of Deception-Slow moving book but it has many layers, it has well-rounded characters, and has great world-building. It’s a novel that requires you to think and make connections. Sorry but this book was too good for one sentence.

kiss of deception


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