A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

thousand pieces

A Thousand Pieces of You

Claudia Gray

Expected Publication: November 4, 2015

Genre: Science-Fiction/Time Travel

Bang Bang Rating 2.5/5


Marguerite is the daughter of two brilliant physicists who invent a device that allows people to travel to different dimensions.  One day, one of their interns steals the device and is suspected in the murder of Marguerite’s father.Marguerite and a second intern, Theo, travel through dimensions to find and kill Marguerite’s father’s murderer.

Dang, That Was Good

  • The science part of it is kind of complicated but Gray does a reasonable job explaining it to the reader.  However, according to Doctor doctor who and roseWho, you can’t travel to different dimensions.
  • The cover is nice.  Everyone’s raving about the cover but I swear it looks similar to The City of Bones movie poster.
  • Although it is a series, this book has an ending.
  • The dimensions she jumps in were interesting (for about one chapter).

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • Writing-The writing wasn’t strong.  I recently read Winner’s Crime and Blue Lily where the writing was WONDERFUL. This book doesn’t compare.  There were stretches where nothing was happening and I’m okay with that as long as the writing is good.
  • Characters-There was nothing special about any of the main three characters.  I felt like there were other extremely minor characters that had more depth.  Examples would be Aunt Susannah, and Katya.  They both had a distinctive personality whereas Meg, Theo, and Paul were blah.
    • Then there’s Josie, Meg’s older sister.  She talks about her A LOT but she’s barely in the book.  Such a waste.
  • Love Triangle– It’s really hard to not spoil it but OMG.  There is a scene that comes out of left field.  I didn’t feel like Meg and the one she chose had any chemistry.
  • Predictable- The author tries to subtly put in a major plot clue but it’s so obvious that it ruins the big reveal.  You can totally predict what is going to happen by chapter 3.


It has a good premise and the author does a good job of explaining all the science stuff but in the end, the writing and the characters weren’t strong and the reveal was anti-climactic.


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