Mark of The Thief by Jennifer Nielsen

mark of the thief

Mark of The Thief (Mark of a Thief Book #1)

By: Jennifer Nielsen

Genre: Fantasy/Historical Fantasy

Expected Publication Date: February 2015

Bang Bang Rating: 3.5/5


Nic is a slave in Ancient Rome and on a mission to raid Julius Caesar’s tomb, he finds Caeser’s bulla.  After he puts the bulla around his neck, he gains world ending powers that are coveted by the good and the bad.

Dang, That Was Good

  • Neilsen’s writing style is similar to the Ascendence Trilogy.
    • Strong, quick witted male protagonist.
    • Underdogs
    • Non-stop action
    • Just enough middle grade appropriate sexual tension.
    • Unpredictable plot twists
  • It’s set in Ancient Rome and it’s pretty historical accurate as far as the geography, the architecture, mythology, and politics.  I think it’s a good introduction to Ancient Rome for middle and high school students.

That’s Too Bad, Dang!

  • Although there are some great things about Neilsen’s writing, there are some issues I have with it.
    • You can’t trust anyone in her books except the protagonist.
      • I hate this.  As you are reading, you are always second guessing each character and it doesn’t make for a pleasant reading experience.

I hate that thing in books where a character goes, “I’m actually your mom.” and “Surprise, I’m your brother.” One time is a shocker, more than that is UGH!


skype silly

Skyping with Jennifer

I’m a big fan of the Ascendence Trilogy and this series has a similar style and characterization but everyone could or could not be a double agent and the twists were too much.

If you are a fan on The False Prince Series, you’ll like this series.


2 thoughts on “Mark of The Thief by Jennifer Nielsen

  1. Thank you for this review!! I have been very curious regarding this and your is the first comments i’ve seen on it. I’m glad there is another male protag as I like th’m hoping this works for me as well although i hear what you are saying about plot twists.
    ~ Britt

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