Hunger Games Party

We hosted a Hunger Games Party in honor of the opening of The Mockingjay Pt.1 in theaters.

We only had 14 teens.  Hunger Games may be loosing its hype.


Teens were divided into four districts, 4; 5; 8; and 11. Each district had a table that was covered with black paper.


  1. Mellark Bakery Challenge: Teens were given plain sugar cookies and each district member had 15 minutes to decorate their cookie according to their district.  They had to pick the best cookie for the game makers to judge.

2.  Capital Challenge: Each district was given a bag of make up.  They had 15 minutes to turn their teammate into a capital citizen.

3.  I Ship Katniss and Peeta: Using the black paper on each table, teens had 15 minutes to do a chalk drawing of Katniss

The winning district could skip a challenge in the Arena.


Teens had to race to the cornucopia to find their bag.  Each bag contained 5 Arena Challenges

  1. Wipeout-using the Xbox, one team member had to complete the obstacle course
  2. Camo-Using face paint, one team member had to get their arm painted. They then had to take a picture of their arm in the bushes.IMG_0568
  3. Quiz-I created an online quiz using  I put the link on Facebook.  Teens had to get at least 75% to pass.  They took a picture of their score and showed the game makers.  (Teens had to create a profile on before they could take the quiz.  Maybe find a better site that doesn’t make this requirement.)
  4. Poison Plant Challenge-I found a book with poison plants.  I made my own booklet of poison plants by googling the plants and copy/pasting them into my homemade booklet.  I made a sheet with 5 poisonous plants and one non-poisonous plants and told the teens to pick out the poisonous plants using the booklet.
  5. Monkeys!-I grew a picture of a monkey on the windows and teens had to shoot the monkey using a Nerf suction cup gun.

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