Endangered by Lamar Giles



Panda (Lauren) is a photographer whose mission is to expose the secrets of the assholes at her school. It’s initially fun until a mysterious classmate exposes Panda’s secrets.

The protagonist in Endangered is a black girl and she’s on the COVER!!!! Several of the characters are minorities and none of them live in the ghetto, become pregnant, live with a single mother (well one does but that’s statistically sound), and they all speak proper English. YAY!

Endangered focuses on the secret of the popular girl and the other ones are told in flashbacks used to justify the protagonist’s actions. The teens in this book have plausible issues which make this a juicier story.

There were moments of snoozefest but there were also moments of action and suspense. I think the action was a bit too unbelievable considering this is an eighteen year old we’re talking about. She was just a bit too clever to be real. This isn’t the first book to do this and it won’t be the last but it still doesn’t make it conceivable.

Panda goes to her parents when the situation has gone too far. Teens never go to the parents in YA fiction so this was refreshing.

The writing was okay, it was thrilling for the most part, and the secrets were salacious. However, the protag was a bit too clever, the action was a bit too unlikely, and the motive was too over the top.


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