The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker

witch hunter

The Witch Hunter (Stand-a-lone but I have a feeling…)

By: Virginia Boecker

Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

Expected Publication: June 5, 2015

Bang Bang Rating: 4/5


Elizabeth is a witch hunter and when she is accused of witchcraft; she becomes the hunted.

That was Good, Dang

  1. The Writing.  Boecker is a debut author and it’s written really well.  She does a good job of leaving little crumbs to keep the reader interested.  The opening dilemma was quite intriguing and different from other YA fantasy novels.  

             * It’s one of those books where Boecker drops little details that eventually come full circle.  If you pay attention to the details, it makes for an enjoyable read.

            * Elizabeth has to find something to save her life and she doesn’t suffer from, what I like to call the Harry Potter Complex.  In the first two Harry Potter books, Harry seemed to magically find solutions by just talking them through.  Solutions where most adults wouldn’t be able to deduce.  

             Elizabeth figures it out with the help of friends and background knowledge.  I just hate it when characters magically think up life saving solutions-especially when they are teenagers. 

2.  Characters.  All of the characters are great.  There are a couple of funny characters and they are actually laugh-out-loud funny.  There’s the handsome crush whose ignorant to Elizabeth’s love for him and he’s dreamy.  There’s the new love interest who’s logical, and flawed, and unconditionally loves.  There’s the wise old man. There’s an evil villain. And finally, there’s the Elizabeth who’s everything we love in a protag. She’s tough and not a complete damsel.  She’s flawed.  She’s logical and asks questions.

3.  Internal Struggle.  Elizabeth is a witch hunter who is trained and taught to believe that all witchcraft is wrong and that all witches/supernaturals should be burned at the stake.  However, witches save her and now she must question her beliefs.  Teens leave with the message of, if it’s different; does it make it bad?  

That’s Too Bad, Dang

1.  It’s compared to Game of Thrones and as a HUGE GOT fan, I have to disagree.  There is a fight for the throne but that’s in the background.  I was expecting Elizabeth’s initial dilemma to be one of the plot points, but it wasn’t.

2.  The villain’s motive isn’t revealed until the end and the reader has no way of knowing or figuring this out.  Because it’s compared to GOT, I guessed something different and my guess was WAY off.  The actual motive was good but I did’t see it coming.  As I stated earlier, the author leaves crumbs but there were no crumbs for the motive and it made it a little disappointing.


The Witch Hunter is written very well, the characters are great, and the protag grows.  Try not to think of GOT while you read and you should enjoyed it.  I’ll definitely recommend this book to my teens and colleagues. 


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