Heart of Betrayal

 heart of betrayal

 Heart of Betrayal (Book 2 from the Remnant Chronicles)

By Mary E. Pearson

Genre: High Fantasy

Expected Publication Date: July 7, 2015

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbombbomb 1/2


The story leaves off from book one where Lia and Rafe are taken to the Sanctum, Venda, to see the Komizar.  Loyalties are made and hearts are betrayed.

The Good

  • Pearson’s writing is consistent with book one.  The world building is beautiful (If you figured out the setting, you’ll be able to see Venda perfectly).

New characters are introduced and they all serve the purpose of which  they were intended-villain, love interest, bitchy servant.

tomaniPearson’s writing isn’t dumbed down for teens.  You really have to pay attention to every conversation, every poem, every location, and every character if you want to be able to keep up and figure things out.  HOB is a thinker and you also have to be able to recall important facts from KOD so have it by you.  I had to Google The Song of Venda to reference it.

Two men are interested in Lia thus the love triangle.  I think the triangle is done well because Lia doesn’t go back and forth between Kaden and Rafe.  She picks one and uses the other one to get what she wants which is freedom.

We finally get to meet the Komizar and he’s awesome.  I won’t say anything else b/c I don’t want to spoil anything.

Lia is a wonderful protagonist.  She’s constantly thinking and asking questions.  She makes allies and every decision she makes has a purpose.  She’s strong but there are understandable moments of weakness that were quite heart breaking.  I think the days of Bella Swan are over and we’re getting more smart protags like Lia, Kestral, and Celaena.

The Bad

  • The Pacing.  I think for some people, especially teens, this is a very slow moving book.  I personally don’t mind it if the book is written well which this is. More than half of book one was slow and in HOB, I’ll say 95% is slowly paced.  Pearson is building a story and characters so if you are expecting sword fighting and chase scenes, this is not the book for you.


The Remnant Chronicles is not black and white but filled with several shades of gray. You really have to pay attention and go back to book one to make connections.  A book that makes you think and recall information makes for an enjoyable read and discussion.  I didn’t like it better than book one (which was my favorite book of 2014) but if you are a high fantasy fan, I HIGHLY recommend this series.


5 thoughts on “Heart of Betrayal

    • This one is slower and the action picks up in the final act. This one is more character driven. If you liked the first one, I highly recommend it.

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