Crafts for Geeks

Crafts for Geeks

We always try to do programs that we think will attract high school students. We know that fangirls and fanboys are really popular, particularly among older teens. We chose crafts that appealed to older teens.

Each craft had it’s own table and teens were free to move from craft to craft. There was a drying table that was covered with paper. Teens wrote their name on the paper and put their crafts by their name to dry.

We should have done more Dr. Who and less Harry Potter. We also should have done Sherlock. We are going to have a Sherlock vs. Dr. Who party in April.

The wands and the time turner were by far the most popular.

We had 16 total participants. 6 of them were in high school

We did:

Harry Potter Wand-Wooden Skewer, hot glue, paint, jems, marble
Herminone’s Time Turner (Hard)- Google the instructions
Death Eater Masks (Harry Potter)-Plastic mask from OTC, Sharpies
Harry Potter Phone Holder-Felt
Supernatural Car-online pattern
Hello Kitty Headband-headbands, felt
Duct Tape Tardis-blue duct tape
Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver-ink pen, clay, marble
Hunger Games Photo Booth-make-up


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