Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Party

My co-worker and I picked the best 20 books of 2013 and made these books as the focus for the Summer Reading Challenge and Kick off Party.

47 teens; $125

We had 7 themed tables

We had a “Selection” photo booth 

We showed trailers of all 20 books

Speed Dating with Books

In honor of The Maze Runner, we turned the library into a maze.

We used the stacks for the maze and teams had four challenges within the maze. The team who completed the maze with the fastest time, won.

1. Kill the Grievers-I drew a horrible picture of a stick figure dog on the windows and they had to kill them with a Nerf suction dart gun.

2. Human Pyramid

3. Trivia based on the Maze Runner movie trailer. We showed it after the book trailers. I had a phrase spelled out as they laid parchment paper on top of each other. They had to answer the trivia correctly in order to get the phrase correctly. I got it the idea from the book and if you really want to know how I did it, leave a comment.

4. Agility Challenge

In honor of TFIOS. we had a donation jar for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. We raised $50!

Teens donated $50 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in honor of TFIOS

Teens donated $50 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in honor of TFIOS

Prize Auction

Teens accumulated points by inviting friends to the party, posting pics on social media, winning the maze run, best photobooth pic, donating money to the Make a Wish Foundation, and joining our Summer Reading Challenge Goodreads page. They used points to win prizes. Prizes consisted of books from the best of 2013 list.



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