Cookie Bake-Off

The Cookie Bake Off is an annual event where teens have to make two dozen cookies at home and bring them in to be judged.

In 2013, the theme was Hunger Games and teens had to come to the library and pick up a bag with the secret ingredient.  They had to use the secret ingredient in their recipe.  They also had to make the batter from scratch.

in 2014, we simply told them that the cookies had to be the Frozen theme.  Same rules as 2013.

On the day of the event, teens check in and received a place card with the name, the name of the cookie, and a number.  They then displayed their cookies on a table.

Bake Off Schedule

1:00-1:30pm-Drop off cookies

1:35pm-2:00pm- Peer tasting and cookie swap: Participants and parents can vote for their favorite cookie.  Also, each participant receives a zip lock bag to swap cookies.  Participants are encouraged to take a bite and put it in their bag so that they aren’t consuming 20+ cookies.


2:45pm-3:00pm- Awards

Below is the place card and judging PDF

cookie score sheet

place cards


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