Reviews of Anticipated Books of 2015

As a YA librarian, I am lucky to get ARCs from publishers to read and review.  I also received eARCs from Edelweiss and Netgalley and you can too.

I complied a list of 2015 books I had the pleasure of reading.  I enjoyed some over others but here they are in order of likeness.  For full reviews, click the link on the left.

12. Crimson Bound – Published May 5, 2015

crimson bound

I was a fan of Cruel Beauty and I think Hodge has a fascinating brain but this book fell really short for me.  The mission was clear but the journey was too convoluted.

Bang Bang Rating: 2/5

11.  Gone Too Far-Published January 6, 2015

gone too far

This book couldn’t quite find it’s voice.  It did go “far enough” which made it too elementary for high school but the subject matter and the language was too mature for MG.  Its saving grace was the moral of the story.

Bang Bang Rating: 2/5

10. Book of Spirits and Thieves-Published June 23, 2015

spirits and thieves

As a fan of the Falling Kingdom Series, I’m a big fan of Rhodes’ writing but the final act of this book fell short for me.  It’s unpredictable and action-packed but the ending was too ridiculous.

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5

9.  Endangered-Published April 21, 2015


This book was strikingly similar to Gone Too Far but this one had some edge and a clear targeted age group-YA (high school). The issue, the main character was unbelievably too clever.  Great side note: The main character is bi-racial #weneeddiversebooks

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5

8. Cold Legacy-Published January 27, 2015

cold legacy

I loved book 2 in this series and I enjoy Shepherd’s writing but this final installment was a bummer.  It was somewhat consistent with the first two in terms of the action and plot twists but after awhile the, “I’m your father, I’m your cousin, I’m your…” became too soap opera for me.  This final book also lacked the blood and gore present in the first two books.

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5

7.  Red Queen-Published February 10, 2015

red queen

I was so excited about this book but it had too many fatal plot flaws.  I seem to be in the minority on this book, and I wanted to love it but I couldn’t.  If you read the full review, and you think my assessment is wrong, please let me know.  I want to like this book.

Bang Bang Rating: 3/5

6.  Mark of the Thief-Published Feb. 24

mark of the thief

I LOVED the False Prince Series and I was super excited about Neilsen’s new venture but my biggest beef was that you can’t trust any of the characters.  That kind of bummed me out.  I do, however, think it will be a hit with MG because is pretty historically accurate (ancient Greece), it has a smart mouth protag, and it’s full of action.

Bang Bang Rating: 3.5/5

5.  The Alex Crow-Published March 3, 2015

alex crow

The Alex Crow is another page turner by Smith.  It weaves three separate stories seamlessly and in true Smith form, it mixes genres-science fiction and contemporary.  It’s thought provoking and exciting.  The ending was the problem-a bit too happily ever after.

Bang Bang Rating: 4/5

4. Witch Hunter-Published June 2, 2015

witch hunter

The Witch Hunter has interesting characters, it’s written well, and has a good message for the kiddies.  So far it’s a stand alone, but because I think it will be well received, I think it will be a series.

Bang Bang Rating: 4/5

3.  Heart of Betrayal-Published July 7, 2015

heart of betrayal

Book 1, Kiss of Deception, was my favorite book of 2014 and although this book was good, it wasn’t quite as good as book 1.  With that being said, HOB is thrilling and has a great villain-maybe a new Darkling!

Bang Bang Rating 4.5/5

2.  An Ember in the Ashes-Published April 28, 2015


I wasn’t expecting much but this book is AWESOME! It’s not the run-of-the-mill high fantasy novel that we’ve all read a bunch of times; this one breaks the mold.  Tahir creates a vivid new world, great characters-including a fantastic villain, and an unpredictable story.  I’ve given this book to four people and they all loved it.  I predict this book will be huge in 2015.  I gave it a 4.5/5 because there were some unanswered questions and this is supposedly a stand alone.  I’m hoping Tahir is in talks to make it a series.

Bang Bang Rating: 4.5/5

1.  Winner’s Crime-Published March 3, 2015

winner's crime

If you haven’t read this series and you like high fantasy, I highly recommend it.  This series has a beautiful forbidden romance, a smart protag, and it’s scream-out-loud exciting.

Bang Bang Rating: 5/5


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