Crafts for Geeks 2.0

This is our second annual craft bonanza for geeks. This year we did, Minecraft, Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Doctor Who.

We surveyed high school students to what see fandoms they are in.  Walking Dead received the most votes followed by Harry Potter.

7 teens $50 – The great thing about this program is that all the crafts can be done another time so there technically is no waste.

  • Harry Potter-Polymer Clay Owlery-
    • Need: Polymer Clay, jewelry making accessories, hot glue, convection oven
    • How: Provide pictures of polymer clay owls for inspiration.  If you can find jewelry making accessories that can bake in the oven use that, otherwise, I had the teens use a paper clip to stick a hole in the clay where they were going to place the necklace or earring accessory.  Bake the clay according the to instructions on the packaging.  Put hot glue on the accessory before inserting it into the clay.
  • Minecraft-Perler Beads-Provide pictures of piggies, Steve, sheep, etc for instructional purposes.
  • Walking Dead-Zombie wounds
    • Need: Knox brand gelatin, red dye, black eyeliner or black eye shadow make up, cups, spoons, hot water.
    • How: Have teens pour gelatin in cups and add water a little at a time.  Have them stir the gelatin until  it’s slightly thinner than jello.  They have to place it on their skin quickly or it will harden. Once it hardens on the skin, have them use the make up first, then the food coloring.  Disclaimer: Food coloring stains so it’s a risk to put it on their face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Doctor Who-Galaxy Shirt
    • Need: Black or dark blue shirt, bleach in spray bottles, white paint, paint brush. Disclaimer: Cheap bleach works better than Clorox.
    • How: Spray the bleach on the shirt.  Have teens twist the nozzle for a squirt and a mist setting.  Mist is best because it make drops instead of blobs.  They can unscrew the nozzle and drag tip across the shirt to make a lines.  Dip the paint brush in the white paint and flick the brush on shirt.

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