BANG BANG CRAFTS: River Song’s Journal

Doctor Who is always a crowd pleaser for all ages.

River Song's JournalRiver Song’s JournalWe do a Doctor Who party twice a year and there’s always a craft. One of our most popular crafts was River Song’s Journal.

Please note, I precut squares and strips of two different sizes. I don’t remember the dimensions. The size of the foam is 8.5 x 11. The vertical strips are slightly under 8.5″ and the horizontal strips are slightly under 5.5″. The strip on the binding is 5.5″ x @1″.


Try to do the craft before the program. There are always glue problems, the time it takes to complete it, or other bumps in the road. This eliminates last minute issues during the program.

As you are pre making the craft, take pictures of each step.

Put all the steps together with instructions.

I put the instructions in the middle of the table (in a display or taped to the table) and teens are able to follow it with little or no assistance from me. This is GREAT because I don’t have to lead any crafts. It’s especially GREAT when there are several crafts around the room.


River Song’s Journal


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