Boy Bands 90’s Jam

Decades programs are all the rage right now.  Teens love the 1990s, and 1980s (geez I’m old). We combined the popularity of the 90’s with the popularity of One Direction an 5SOS.  This however was a bad idea.  It’s usually a payoff to do pop-culture programs based on music and we’ve done it before with Justin Bieber and we had 36 teens.  One Direction and 5SOS didn’t have the same effect.  I think if we just stuck with the 90’s, we would have had a larger attendance.

But, you live and you learn so here’s the program outline.

6 teens; $25 budget


  • Board Game Relay-We set out Jumanji, Bop-it, Perfection, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Battleship- all games created in the 90’s.  We borrowed our games from staff.
    • Teens were divided into groups.  They were given 5 minutes per game.  The person who won the most games or was in the lead after the 5 minutes was the winner of the round.  We continued until every team played each game.
    • The person who won the most games received the GUTS trophy that I made from a small cardboard box, foam core, and black paper.
  • Double Dare-we played the game based on the Marc Summer’s years.  You can find it on  We used Minute-To-Win-It Games as the physical Challenges:
    • Post it Relay-the first team to use all their post-its on one person won control of the boardboy bands 6
    • Junk in the trunk-use an empty tissue box to fill with ping pong balls.  I used duct tape to make a belt.  Have the teen belt the box to them and they have 1 minute to shake the balls out of the box.
    • Stackers-one teen has to make a perfect cup pyramid using one hand
    • Helping Hands-one teen stands behind the other teen and has to feed another teen.  It’s hard to explain just search for Minute to win it games on Pinterest.
    • Sticky Face-one teen puts shaving cream on their face while another teen throws cheeseballs.  They have one minute to stick 10 cheese balls.
    • You can find other Minute To Win it games on Pinterest.
  • 90’s Relay-We placed pictures of 90’s related celebs and products all over the room.  Each team was given strips of the correct answers and the first team to match the pictures with the strips correctly, wins.


  • Our library happened to be weeding old CDs and we were able to get a bunch of 90’s bands.
  • I bought candy that came out in the 90’s-Pop Rocks; Bubble Tape, Laffy Taffy; Fun Dip, etc.


  • I served cereal that was created in the 90’s-Sugar Snaps, Crunch Berries, Cookie Crisp, and Trix.  I also provided Capri Suns.

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