Winter Programs: Cocoa Party

chocolate barCocoa or hot chocolate parties are fun to do during the winter.  Winter break, during the day is always a great time to run winter programs.


12 teens/ $75

Food parties are expensive


Guess the Candy Bar Contest:  This is a quick game to play while you wait for late comers.  On a sheet of paper are pictures of candy bar’s centers.  Teens have to guess the candy bar.  If you Google guess the candy bar, it will bring up sample game sheets.

Decorate a Mug:  You can buy ceramic mugs at the Dollar Store for $1/ea.  Using Sharpies, teens decorate the mugs 5outside of their mug.  Give teens a note to take home that tells them to bake their mug in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  Or, if you have a confection oven, they can bake them during the program.

M&M Mosaics:  Set out M&Ms and frosting at each table.  Using a foam plate, spread a thin layer of frosting on the bottom of the plate.  Using the M&Ms, create a picture.  You can print examples for inspiration.

Cocoa Lip Gloss:  Need-petroleum jelly, cocoa powder, and small containers (Dollar Store).  Have teens mix jelly and cocoa powder in the small container.  If you have small blank stickers, they can decorate the sticker and stick it to the lid.

Cocoa  Voting:  Buy 5 different types of cocoa mix. You can buy the big tubs but depending on the amount of teaspoons they add, it can vary the taste.  I suggest purchasing the individual packets, it will taste better but it is more expensive.  Give each teen a voting sheet.  Throughout the program, teens can taste all the cocoa mixes and vote for their fave at the end.


Cocoa bar 1Chocolate Bar:  We purchased a chocolate fountain a number of years ago and it has come in handy.  Teens also looooove the fountain.  Put out different types of foods to dip in the fountain-fruit, marshmallow, chips, pretzels, etc.

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