COGANO-Green Screen

We borrowed the HOMAGO model from the Chicago Public Libraries and created COGANO. It has a similar mission which is to provide a space for teens to explore technology, art, or just to socialize.

We provide Wii gaming, iPads, guitars, cameras, and art supplies. We also have a main activity for the day. Teens are encouraged to explore and/or participate in the main activity. The main activity is usually technology based and follows the connected learning model.

IMG_0175The special activity for February 2015 was the green screen.  Many of our teens kind of knew what a green screen was and what is did but none of them had ever used one.

8 Teens ($5 for snacks)

What you need:

Do Ink app-has a fee

Green Screen or a green sheet

       iPad or iMac

We showed them a quick Youtube video on how to use the Do Ink app. We had them take pictures around the library for the background. They were then told to film their foreground video in front of the green screen.  They then edited their video in the app.

The videos were done in one hour so they are a bit on the rough side.

Final Green Screen Videos


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