STEM Programming: Cardboard Tube Fighting

Christmas is over and you have loads of wrapping paper tubes laying around; what can you do with those?  Cardboard tube fighting!  There is a league called the CTFL with rules and everything but why follow the rules?

We modified it a bit by providing cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, and duct tape.  Teens could use the tape to reinforce their tubes and the boxes and tape to make shields.

We divided teens into teams and made an NCAA tournament bracket.




The Rules:

  1. Create a square on the floor out of tape or use the story time rug.  Teens may not step outside the designated area.
  2. Teens may only use one hand to swing
  3. The first tube to break, loses.

What’s So STEM About It?

Each teen was given the same amount of tape and they could only use that tape.  They used critical thinking skills to determine the best way to reinforce their tube to be the victor.

Cardboard Tube Fighting is a great program because it uses science & engineering (STEM), it’s exercise, and it’s cheap.  You can get box and tube donations from staff and duct tape cost $1.

Disclaimer: you should probably do this inside because parents might not think too kindly to see kids beating each other with cardboard.

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