Pizza Garden Club

garden club1Two years ago we started a pizza garden club.  In May, we planted tomatoes, herbs, onions, and green peppers.  The teens were responsible for watering their plants (which they didn’t do because it was behind the library so it was out of site, out of mind).

In August, we picked our fresh veggies and herbs and had a pizza making party.

As you can see from the photos, we didn’t have a lot of teens and it was an expensive program-$100. This year, we are going to revamp the program.

Our garden club will be a club and will meet four times a month from May to July.  We are going to partner with garden club 2our local garden club so that teens can learn from master gardeners.  This is also a great opportunity to create partnerships with the community.

We will make a pizza and salsa garden. During the two meetings at the library, teens will harvest the herbs and veggies and make pizza and salsa making kits.  During the other two meetings, we will have a table at our local farmer’s market to sell our kits and other veggies.  All proceeds will go back into the club to cut the cost.

Teens will be responsible for watering and maintaining the garden on off club days.  We will make sure the garden is pretty and visible to the club members and the community.

Gardening is a great STEM activity that incorporates science.  Teens learn about soil, sunlight, and water and how it contributes to growing plants.  During our library meetings, the master gardeners will provide quick lessons on seeding, watering, and sunlight.

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