Bone Gap Theories

Okay, so here are my theories on the book:

The Scare Crow

  • My colleague theorized that he is Hades and the gap is the Underworld.
  • The waterway that Finn goes through to find Roza could be the Lethe River (one of the entries to the Underworld).  Charlie describes it as gaps where you can’t find your way out-pg. 283. Since Lethe is the river of forgetfulness…
  • The Scare Crow has a dog named Rus and Hades’ dog is named Cerberus.
  • The Scare Crow says on pg. 261 that everyone around them are dead.

Charlie Valentine- Throughout the book, Charlie is an unreliable character.  He “dates” women, he hates his grandkids and people think he’s mean.

  • I think he’s either a God or immortal.
    • He doesn’t remember anything because he’s really old.  He was in Bone Gap before it was founded.  The real Bone Gap was founded around 1830.
    • He talks about his wife Sally and their 35 year marriage but he doesn’t say what happens to her.  He says, “For most that would have been quite a long time. For him, it was a few minutes.” pg. 279. I think he outlived her.  He doesn’t want to love anyone because he out lives them and that includes his grandkids and animals.
    • He’s somehow connected to the Scare Crow.
      • He could be the Spirit Lethe.  Because Lethe is the river of forgetfulness and Charlie forget things…
      • On pg. 276 it says, “He imagined a time he hadn’t been soft, a time he had been hard and strong and merciless-which would explain the beautiful, wretched wife-battling for women and for the world with other merciless men. But perhaps those were just stories.” Maybe those aren’t just stories and he was a Greek God?
    • I’m still not quite sure who Charlie is.
      • So I asked the author and if you want know, click here and the password is charlie.

Bees also have ties to Greek mythology.  On pg. 261, the Scare Crow tells the story or Orpheus and Eurydice. In the myth, Eurydice was chased by a beekeeper.

Bees are also considered to be bridges of the natural world to the Underworld.

Those are my theories.  Do you have any?


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