STEM Programming: Lego Mindstorms

mindstorms 10Anything with the word LEGO in it will bring in the teens. With a grant funded through the Illinois State Library and Project Next Generation, we were able to purchase two LEGO Mindstorms kits.

What are LEGO Mindstorms?

Mindstorms come in a kit of Legos, a “brain,” and a remote.  With the Legos, you can build a car, a robot, a snake, the possibilities are endless.  Teens have to use the “brain” to program/code their robot.

The Kit comes with instructions on how to build a car.  You can to get the other instructions online.

You have to download the software from the website to code.  If you don’t have time to code or you’re still learning, you can use the preprogrammed “brain” to make it work.  You can use the remote that comes with the kit or you can use the app to control your Mindstorm.

I would suggest giving teens at least 2 hours to build and play.

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How Much Does it Cost?

One kit costs about $450ish


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