Dead to Me


Dead to Me

by Mary McCoy

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

Genre: Mystery/Historical Fiction

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb 1/2


Sixteen year old Alice hasn’t seen her sister, Annie, since she left home four years prior.  But when Annie is beaten and left for dead, Alice must solve the mystery of her sister’s assault.  Set in 1940’s Hollywood California, Dead to Me has an old Hollywood tone.

Dang, That was Good

  • Alice is a spunky teen.  She’s incredibly clever due to her love of mystery novels.  Alice is extremely likable.  I think her ability to evade near death is a bit over the top but I got over it.
  • The writing is okay.  It’s not difficult to follow and it’s relatively high energy through out.
  • The setting is interesting.

Thats too Bad, Dang

  • I guess there was a fascination with decoding things in the 40’s.  Alice and Annie used to communicate through codes.  There are a couple of ciphers and the author does her best to explain them but it was a bit too confusing and I stopped caring.
  • The description says that you’ll be guessing all the way to the end but the book basically tells you whodunnit midway through.  The second half is just the characters trying to find evidence to convict the killer.  This makes the story drag.
  • There’s a major crime that happens and the reader knows there’s a crime but we don’t know the specifics.  The novel tries to make it seem scandalous and I guess it was a scandal in the 40’s but in the new millennium, not so much.


It was okay. The characters are good and the writing is okay but there’s nothing really extraordinary about it.

If you like spunky girl detectives, try The Diviners by Libba Bray.  It’s set in 1920’s New York and has an element of paranormal creepiness.


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