Everything Everything


Everything Everything

By: Nicola Yoon

Expected Publication: September 2015

Genre: Contemporary

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbomb


Madeline suffers from the bubble boy syndrome where she’s allergic to everything and can’t go outside. Her only human contact are her mother and her nurse. One day a new family moves in and she fall in love with Olly.

Dang, That was Good

  • This story is interspersed with Madeline’s journal type entries. This isn’t new but it’s a nice departure .
  • There were moments of sadness when Madeline expresses her feelings toward her condition. Madeline and Olly share some beautiful introspection about life and love.
  • Love the cover and the publicity postcard inside the book.

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • I had issues with this book. First of all, the characterization was uneven. Olly was a great character while Madeline left more to be desired. Olly was witty and quirky and while there was nothing terrible about Madeline, she was just-meh. She had a couple of moments but for the most part…
  • This story was painfully predictable and that’s all I’ll say about that.
  • The similarities to TFIOS are glaring. Even the title-Everything Everything (Okay Okay).
  • I also felt like there were some missed opportunities for a good discussion. For example, Madeline has a major disagreement with her mother and instead of leaving the issue open ended for a discussion, Yoon had Madeline evaluate every possible reason. This happens a couple of times and it bothered me.


I’m a bit disappointed in this book because it has a bi racial protagonist who isn’t pregnant or lives in the ghetto. This was a story about a girl in love who happens to be a minority and there aren’t enough of these types of characters in YA fiction.

Yoon is a debut and I think this a good book for a debut but with a few tweaks to the Madeline character with a less predictable plot it can be so much better.

I thinks it’s a good easy read for teens but the writing just wasn’t quite there.


3 thoughts on “Everything Everything

  1. I love that cover, and the premise sounds so interesting. So I’m disappointed to hear that it didn’t fully pan out. But as you said, it’s a debut author and there’s always room for improvement!

  2. Man, I had incredibly high hopes for this, but the comparisons to TFIOS, predictability, meh main character and missed opportunities makes me a bit “eh…”. Hopefully the author’s next book is better. Nice review.

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