The Notorious Pagan Jones

pagan jones

The Notorious Pagan Jones (Pagan Jones #1)

Nina Berry

Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery

Expected Publication Date: June 2015

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb


It’s 1961 and Pagan Jones, 17 year old Hollywood starlet, is in “jail” for vehicular manslaughter of her father and sister.  One day, the mysterious Devin Black frees Pagan so she can star in a movie in Berlin-if she can stay sober.

Dang, That Was Good

  • Nothing

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • Nothing really happens until page 300. Until then I had to suffer through the Notorious unlikeable Pagan Jones.  She’s whiny and complains about her escort who got her out of jail and on a movie set. One second he’s hot then she hates hime for absolutely no reason except he’s her guardian and has to be with her at all times.  Then she escapes one day but she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t trust her to be on her own. 
  • This is supposed to be historical fiction and the significance of Berlin in 1961 isn’t revealed until the end. I don’t know world history well b/c I didn’t take it in high school. I just know that this was post Hitler and pre Cold War but I don’t know what’s happening in Berlin in 1961 and you won’t either until the end or unless you Google it. I didn’t want to Google it because a good historical fiction novel is supposed to be informative. This book was far more telling than showing. It was like a history book. They would take Pagan on tours and explain everything to her. It would have been better if she was German and in the middle of her country in turmoil.
  • This is petty but I was sick of hearing about Pagan’s Givenchy outfits and her Hermes bag. She’s wealthy, I get it. Teens won’t even be able to properly pronounce Givenchy and Hermes let alone know what it is.
  • It was a bit predictable.
  • Writing wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t special either.
  • None of the characters where interesting. Devin Black was kind of interesting but I just stopped caring.


Overall, it was boring. Nothing happens. Pagan Jones isn’t likable. The historical fiction part seemed like a backdrop to her outfits, her drinking problem, and her career-page 1-300 was about her career and her issues and page 300-387 was about the historical significance of Berlin in 1961.


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