The Daughter of Deep Silence


The Daughter of Deep Silence

By: Carrie Ryan

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Expected Publication: May 26, 2015

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb 1/2


Frances is one of only three survivors of a cruise ship attack. Frances knows it was an ambush but the other two survivors, a senator and his son, are saying it sunk.  Frances assumes the identity of her best friend to discover the mystery of the cover up and to get a little redemption.

Dang, That Was Good

  • Frances. Frances was driven by revenge.  She assumed the identity of her friend Libby, lived in a different country for four years, and came back to find out the truth.  She basically breathed revenge for four years and was able to plan everything out perfectly.  It was believable that an 18 year old could manipulate and scheme so well. 
  • Dying of Thirst. Frances and her friend Libby were on the sea for several days waiting to be rescued.  It was a salt water sea so they couldn’t drink the water.  At one point, Frances was describing her experience of dying of thirst and baking in the sun and it was heart wrenching. 

That’s Too Bad, Dang

  • Writing. So the writing was not great.  This book is basically cotton candy meaning that it’s just a fluffy story, not much substance. It’s basically the plot of that TV show Revenge. (I’m guessing b/c I’ve never seen that show).  I felt like Ryan was trying to incorporate life lessons on letting the past go and forgiveness and being a better person but Frances was in her head so much that it began to get preachy.  She would have these long introspective conversations with her self several times but it was the same conversation with different words.  I just wanted her to decide if she was going to be a devious bastard or a compassionate young lady-PICK ONE DAMMIT AND MOVE ON!
    • There were long stretches of pages where nothing happened.  She’d do something incredibly devious then she’d talk extensively about how much she loved Grey. That’s a totally different problem.
    • The story was uneven. At some point Frances grew a conscious but that soured the story. It would have been better if it was about a badass girl who kicked everyone out of her way to get what she wanted. 
  • Love Story. So Frances was 14 when she was on that cruise and she and Grey “dated” for like, 2 weeks but she was soooo in love.  I tried to rationalize it by saying that because he was the only other survivor she could relate to, she fell in love but I couldn’t anymore.  She was talking about their time together WHEN SHE WAS 14 like she was a 30 year old.  SHE WAS 14! I work with 14 year olds all day and I can’t imagine those goof troops falling in love. 
  • Not digging the reason for why the senator lied.  I pretty much knew going into this book that the likelihood of enjoying it was contingent on the reason for the lie.  It wasn’t good, hence the 2.5 rating.
  • And what was that ending? 


This book had major potential. If Frances had have been a badass who left no prisoners, it would have been a good thriller. The slow moving plot, the improbable love story, the anti-climactic ending, and the character who grew a conscious is what sank this book.


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