3D Doodler


3D printers are all the rage in libraries and schools these days but they are expensive.  Our small library can’t afford a 3D printer unless it’s funded through a grant (fingers crossed that we get the grant). If you find that your library/school/organization can’t afford a 3D printer, try the 3D Doodler.

What’s a 3D Doodler?

This is a pen that heats plastic to draw images.


  • You can do 2D or 3D drawings.
  • You can draw on plain paper.
  • It cools immediately.


  • The tip is VERY hot and sometimes the rubber tip cover falls off.  Also, the plastic gets stuck and it needs to be pulled off which required almost touching the tip.
  • Sometimes the “blue light means it’s ready” doesn’t stay on.

It works well when teens draw an image first and then trace with the pen as you see in the picture. 

It does take a little practice but once teens get the hang of it, they can make some great drawings.

Is it Worth it?

Yes! Teens love this pen and it keeps them creatively busy for a long time (like an hour).  We put the pens out in our teen room one day and they ask for it all the time.

How Much Does it Cost?

The pen is about $100 and the plastic is about $10.  The pens you see in our pictures are old. Beginning in June, they are offering a new sleeker pen which will be easier to hold.


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