geocaching 2Need a free, fun, and educational activity that incorporates STEAM? Try geocaching.  Geocaching is a scavenger hunt that uses GPS.

How Do I Begin?

Download the geocaching app to your smartphone. The free app will be sufficient.  You will have to create an account. Allow the app to locate you and it will find all the geocaches in your area. 

What’s Next?

  • Map your route. I would recommend going to the geocaches first to make sure they are there but if you would rather find the caches with your teens, that’s cool too.  Map your route so that you make a circle. It’s more fun to walk back to the library with geocaches along the way. 
  • Caches. Some caches require you to sign a paper and some require you to leave something.  Before your adventure, bring a baggie with a pen and some little trinkets.  If you have something small with your library’s name on it, that’s perfect. 
  • Time for Teens. If staff is leading your walking trip, it might be a good idea for parents to sign a permission slip.  
    • On your flyers/event calendar/newsletter, state what teens need such as boots, water, a smartphone (if they have one), etc.  
    • Go over rules such as don’t cross the street without staff, no rough housing, no whining, etc. 
  • On The Day. Have a little discussion about GPS and how it works.  If you’re okay with it, let the teens take turns with the GPS (your smartphone).  This the STEAM in your program. 
  • After the Walking. You can make a geocache at the library.  Go to geocache website, log in with the same account you used on the app, click play then hide a geocache, and get started.
    • We used a hollowed out book we bought at Hobby Lobby but you can use whatever you want. 



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