Rowdy Girls Maker Camp

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At the ZB Public Library, we’ve been doing a lot of maker programs and we noticed that 90% of our teens are boys.  We decided to create a maker camp specifically for girls.

Rowdy Girls in a four-week camp for girls in grades 5-12.

Week 1: Video Game Design-We used the Pixel Press Floors app

Click here to see the video.

Week 2: LED Duct Tape Belts-We taught teens about LEDs and how to use them.  Teens made duck tape belts and attached LEDs to desired places.

Click here to see the video on how to make a duct tape LED belt.

Week 3: Castles and Catapults-The ideas was to create castles and to use a catapult to launch marshmallows in their opponent’s castles.  (This idea came from The Arlington Heights Public Library.)

We taught teens about simple machines and their many uses.

Teens were told to make a castle out of a shoebox and paper towel rolls.

Teens were given instructions to make a simple catapult. They moved to the floor and were placed equal distance apart.  They were each given the same number of mini marshmallows (we color coded marshmallows with Sharpies).  The launched their marshmallows until they were all out. (TIP: Leave the marshmallows out for about a week so they can get stale)

We had a discussion about their catapults and what they noticed about their launches.  Was it going too far? Did it not have an arc? They were then allowed to make alterations to the catapults-more rubber bands for tension; reposition the spoon; etc.

We had a second launch and a second discussion.

Click here to see pics and videos.

Week 4: Jewelry Soldering-We taught teens how to use a soldering iron.  They were then able to design and make their own jewelry.

Click here to see how to solder.


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