Father’s Day with Chibitronics

There’s a card for every occasion and with Chibitronics, you can spice up your Christmas, Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthday cards.

What are Chibitronics?

Chibitronics combines crafting with electricity.  It’s a great way to introduce all ages to electricity and all you need are the Chibitronic stickers, copper tape, a coin battery, paper, pencils/markers, and a binder clip.   You can purchase the stickers, the tape, and the battery on the website.


The stickers can be a little finicky. I suggest a lot of practice to work out the kinks. The kids/teens get bummed out QUICKLYIMG_1230 when the sticker doesn’t light up. This could be seen as a learning tool but when you have 10 kids/teens in the program and none of their stickers light up, you’ll be running around like a crazy person getting them all to work.

How Much Does it Cost?

For a group of 10, it will cost about $4.50/person. You can purchase everything from Chibitronics.com, Sparkfun.com, Adafruit.com

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