These Shallow Graves

these shallow graves

These Shallow Graves

By Jennifer Donnelly

Genre: Mystery/ Historical Fiction

Expected Publication: October 27th

Bang Bang Rating: bomb


Jo is a society girl in the late 19th century and she’s due to marry the most eligible man in New York but she don’t want to be someone’s housewife; she wants to be a reporter.  When her father’s murder is disguised as a suicide, Jo does her own investigation with a dreamy reporter and a smart medical examiner.

The Good

  • The only good thing was that it mentioned Winnetka, IL and I was just there last week to meet Laura Ruby.CHwL-lkUcAAOHyX

The Bad

  • This book is 500 pages and it doesn’t need to be.
  • The cover doesn’t match the genre.  It’s a good cover but it’s misleading.  It’s not horror.
  • I didn’t like the way the story was told.
    • It was very predictable
    • None of the characters were interesting.
    • Jo was incredibly naive and it got annoying after awhile
    • I understand that there was poverty and crime but it was shoved down our throat.
    • Instalove


The main story was about a murder investigation but I didn’t like the writing and I stopped caring.

This is the fourth mystery/historical fiction story I’ve read this year and they’ve all be bad.  I’m done with that genre.


2 thoughts on “These Shallow Graves

    • I was bummed but I’m also a tough critique. So if you really feel this book is your jam, please read it and if you do, tell me what you though.

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