Top Ten Tuesday

Top Bookish Thing I Want to Quit or Have Quit

Have Quit-Only reading fantasy.  Because I’m a teen librarian, I should be reading contemporary so that I can recommend books of all genres.  Verdict-So far, so good

Have to Quit-Judging an author by one bad book.

book gif 3

Have to Quit-Picking my books based on their Goodreads rating (But I won’t.)

Have to Quit-Not buying books.  As a librarian, I get lots of free books but I have to start buying my own copies.

Have to Quit-Being so picky. When I do buy books, I prefer hardcovers that have been signed.  I need to let it go.

Have to Quit-Only reading YA.  I usually only read one or two adult fiction books a year but I could probably read more.

book gif 2

Have to Quit- Hating middle grade.  UGH- I just feel like at 10 year old can’t possibly save the world but if a 15-year old can, I suppose a 10-year old can.

Have to Quit-Judging a book by its publisher.  You know what I mean.

Have to Quit-Buying into the, “It’s Game of Thrones for Teens.”  It just sets me up for disappointment.

Have to Quit-Feeling bad for telling people I read YA when asked.

Have to Quit-Being a thinkness Nazi.  Sometimes I look at the length of a book and won’t read it (Gods and Monsters).  Or as I read a really long book, I’ll complain that I could have read 2 books to this 1 book.  (Queen of Shadows.)

Book Gif 1


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. The judging an author on one bad book… i’ll usually try to find reviews or ask others’ opinion; are the things i don’t like about it common for that author? If so, i won’t bother reading another of their books.

    And goodreads (or any, really) rating… it’s not enough to go on. I tend to read a couple of positive and a couple of negative reviews, to see what i might like/dislike about the book.

    My TTT 🙂

  2. I use the Goodread reviews, too. I agree the ratings aren’t quite enough. And I admit, I love big books. Not lugging them around, but the complex plot you can get in something like a Neal Stephenson brick.

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